South Fulton Town Hall

Wednesday, October 17 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Atlanta REALTORS® South Fulton Town Hall

Small businesses, HOA leaders and all members of the community are invited to attend this special event!

Join us to learn about the future of south Fulton, as we discuss planning, traffic, infrastructure and schools. After hearing from a panel of representatives on these topics, we will conclude with a question and answer session. This is your opportunity to understand what is already underway and have a voice in future development.

REALTORS®... If you buy, live or sell in south Fulton, this is a MUST attend event!

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the future of south Fulton. You will walk away from this event better prepared to serve your clients and your community! 

This event provides the Atlanta REALTORS® Association a great opportunity to serve the community and truly be the Voice for Real Estate in Atlanta! We hope to use our resources and connections to provide the community with valuable information and position our REALTORS® as the Source for the Source. We encourage all members to help us promote this event and make personal invitations to members of the community. 

This event is FREE for all to attend!

Featured Guest Speakers include:


Hosted by:

Atlanta REALTORS® Association

Thursday, September 13, 2018
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