Short Term Rentals Eyed by Officials


AirBNB and VRBO while becoming hugely popular for vacation goers, they are also being noticed by local governments looking to find ways to regulate the industry. Counties across Georgia, including a few metro counties, are studying what impact these "Short Term Rentals (STRs)" are having on their communities and most of all, their bottom lines.

Most recently, the Forsyth County Commission had a work session where they discussed what they could do to reign in what they believe is an vastly growing industry with little or no regulation to control it. One Commissioner brought up that he believes STRs skirt the county's Hotel/Motel tax. At the conclusion of this work session, the Commissioners instructed their County Attorney to analyze current STR ordinances and come up with something they can put on the books as well.

The Government Affairs Committee will monitor and work with the Commission on a reasonable solution to prevent a negative rippling effect around the metro area.

If you have any insight or experiences with STRs, please contact Government Affairs Director Aaron Johnson at 404-732-0631.
Monday, November 13, 2017
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