HOA Letter Fee Call For Action


UPDATE: HB 410 passed the Senate today, March 23, by a solid 45 - 5 margin! Thank you!

The Georgia Association of REALTORS® is calling on REALTORS across the state to urge their State Senators to pass HB 410, the HOA Letter Fee Bill... this week!

On February 28, HB 410 passed the House with a vote of 153-18. I attribute this House passage to the overwhelming response of our amazing members to that call for action. Thank you! 

HB 410 is now in the Senate and we need your help once more. In its current form HB 410 would:
  • Establish a clear intent of the HOA closing letter by comprehensively including all items necessary for closing & eliminating unnecessary charges
  • Place a cap for the letter at $100
  • Set forth a time frame of 10 days for production of letter
  • Ultimately, remove any undue surprises at closing

Please click here to urge your Senator to pass HB 410 on Friday, March 23, and protect homeowners!

Thursday, March 22, 2018
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