Tiny House Movement in Atlanta


As “Tiny Houses” become more and more popular across the country, Atlanta is poised to start seeing them pop up more and more around town. While some people are enjoying the convenience and simplicity of Tiny Homes, this segment of homes has a tendency to clash with long standing zoning laws and ordinances that make these tiny homes a big headache.

Currently, the City of Atlanta does not have a true definition of what a “Tiny Home” is, but according to popular shows on “fyi,” and “HGTV”, these homes range from 100 to 400 sq ft. If these homes were to attach to a foundation, most zoning ordinances only recognize dwellings that are at least 750 – 1000 sq ft. However, if they attach wheels to them, they become RV’s, which brings on a different set of issues for a “house”.

Tiny House Atlanta is an organization that is working on changes to local zoning ordinances that will create a new tiny house category that offers a “Lifestyle Choice” in housing. Cities like Decatur and East Point are looking at ways to embrace the tiny house movement and other municipalities may choose to do the same.

Friday, May 26, 2017
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