Fulton Fights Re-billing for 2017 Taxes


In an ongoing legal dispute between Fulton County Government and the State Department of Revenue, attorneys for Fulton County told a DeKalb County judge that re-billing property owners for their 2017 reduced tax bills would be unnecessary while the attorneys for the Department of Revenue argued that not doing so would make the state's tax system "totally warped."

As you may recall, after property taxes spiked in 2017, Fulton County Commissioners voted to roll back tax assessments to the 2016 levels. The Georgia Department of Revenue rejected that digest forcing Fulton County to get an emergency court order to collect taxes at the billed levels. The case has finally come before a judge for a decision.

The County argues that according to an obscure 1880's law that allows them to set property tax rates as they see fit. The State contends that allowing Fulton County to take advantage of this measure would cause other jurisdictions to reduce tax assessments whenever it is politically expedient.

After some legal back and forth, no decision was made and a resolution should be reached by the end of the year. We will continue to watch as this story develops.

Friday, November 30, 2018
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