Orientation FAQs

What is an Orientation class?

It is a three (3) hour class that all new applicants to the Atlanta REALTORS® Association are required to take before being approved for REALTOR® membership.

Do I need to attend this Orientation class?

Yes - if you are a new applicant and have not previously held membership in the Atlanta REALTORS® Association. No - if you are transferring from another Board and have already completed the mandatory COE training during the current Quadrennial cycle. (Jan 1, 2013 – Dec. 31, 2016)

How does it benefit me?

It fulfills Board membership requirements. It educates you on the Atlanta REALTORS® Association membership benefits, facilities, services and the Code of Ethics. It gives you three (3) free hours of Continuing Education, approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Certified by the Georgia Institute of Real Estate.

When do I need to take this Orientation class?

The Orientation session is offered every other month. As an Atlanta REALTORS® applicant, you have six (6) months to attend one (1) class. If, after six (6) months, you still have not gone through one of these sessions, your membership application will be made inactive. To reactivate your applicant status, you must reapply and repay the application fee. Once you reapply, you will have another (6) months to attend this session.

How will this affect my Million Dollar Club status?

If applicant completes the Orientation course within six months of application to the Board, the effective date shall be the date the application was received in the Board Office.

When will I know when the Orientation class is being offered?

Notices are sent the monthly to all applicants needing the Orientation. This notice informs you that you still need to complete the requirement and links to the main Orientation page, where the calendar of upcoming courses are displayed. 

How do I register for the Orientation class?

Register online 

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