Local Issues & Legislation

GAR Call For Action Urges Gov. Deal to Sign H.B. 410

The Georgia Association of REALTORS® (GAR) is calling on REALTORS across the state to urge Governor Deal to sign HB 410, the HOA Letter Fee Bill, into law!

Georgia's Primary Elections Have Begun!

Georgia's 2018 Primary Elections and a few special elections have now begun. Learn about REALTOR® supported candidates and find out more about where to go for Early Voting. With some very highly anticipated elections on the horizon, we encourage all REALTORS® to take advantage of Early Voting to avoid long lines and assure voting before time runs out.

REALTORS® to Interview 2018 Primary Candidates

Governmental Affairs Committee members of both the residential and commercial associations will interview several candidates for City Council and County Commission races in the metro region. Recommendations will be submitted to the Atlanta REALTOR® Political Action Committee (ARPAC) to determine which candidates earn our support to be "2018 REALTOR® Champions."

City of Atlanta Zoning Update, Phase II

Phase II of the City of Atlanta's Zoning Ordinance Update has begun. A series of public meetings to present the 2nd phase of the proposed changes and receive community input are scheduled around the City.

GAR Voter Registration Drive

To increase REALTOR® participation and influence in the political process, the Georgia REALTORS® have launched a voter registration drive.

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