A History of Atlanta REALTORS® Award Recipients:
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Sally Washburn Lifetime Achievement Award | Spalding White Leadership Award | Mrs. Harry Norman, Sr. Award
Five Star Circle of Service Award | Captains of the Industry

Past REALTOR® of the Year Recipients

This award was created in 1960 to be given to the REALTOR® member of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association who has made the greatest contribution of time, energy and resource to the Atlanta REALTORS® Association in the calendar year. Factors taken into consideration include REALTOR® spirit, civic activity and business accomplishments.

2017, DeAnn Golden
2016, Todd Emerson
2015, Maura Neill
2014, Lane Jones
2013, Mitch Kaminer
2012, Anne Gault
2011, Tom Spurlin
2010, Jim Alexander
2009, Sheila Brower
2008, Ennis Antoine
2007, Melba Franklin
2006, David Boehmig
2005, Mike Wright
2004, Dan Forsman
2003, Alice McDonough
2002, Spalding White
2001, Tom Spurlin, *GAR
2000, Buddy Weston
1999, Shea Zimmerman
1998, Lewis Glenn
1997, Richard Brinkman
1996, James Ware
1995, Buddy Weston
1994, Lee Finch
1993, Jim Floyd
1992, Sally Gurley
1991, David Branch
1990, Cecile Stockhausen
1989, J. Olin Coile
1988, William Lewis
1987, Carolyn Adams
1986, J. Carl Schultz
1985, E.A. Isakson, *GAR
1984, Cantey Davis
1983, Ed Nutting
1982, Al Jennings, Jr.
1981, Chip Morrison
1980, Jenny Pruitt
1979, E.A. Isakson,
1978, J. Carl Schultz
1977, Skipper Morrison, *GAR
1976, Sally Washburn
1975, Emerson Holleman
1974, Bruce Wilson
1973, James Cushman
1972, John Chapman
1971, Marion Blackwell, Jr.
1970, Fed Scheer
1969, E.A. Isakson,
1968, Harry Norman, Jr.
1967, C.D. LeBey, Jr., *GAR
1966, John Chiles (Awarded posthumously)
1965, Frank Carter
1964, Ward Wight, Jr., *GAR
1963, Henry Robinson
1962, Al Jennings, Jr., *GAR
1961, Stewart Wight, *GAR
1960, Arthur Burdett, Jr., *GAR

*GAR: All ABR REALTOR® of the Year recipients are submitted to GAR for the statewide award. Those with this denotation received the GAR REALTOR® of the Year award.

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