Legislation Moving Through the State Capitol


The Georgia General Assembly is half way through the 2018 session and legislation important to REALTORS is starting to buzz. Issues ranging from HOA Letter fees, GA tenant protection and short term rentals are all being debated under the "Gold Dome."

Today is the 26th Legislative Day of the General Assembly's 40 Day session. Lawmakers have until February 28th, the 28th Legislative Day, known as "Crossover Day," to pass a bill from one chamber to the other or the bill effectively dies. GAR's Governmental Affairs Committee meets weekly to monitor, review and develop positions on legislation affecting REALTORS.

Here are a couple of bills being monitored on behalf of REALTORS:

  • HB 410 - HOA Letter Fees: This bill seeks to stop the abuse of HOA's and third-party management companies from charging excessive fees for estoppel/closing letters. This bill is awaiting a full vote in the House in order to head to the Senate.
  • HB 579 - Short Term Rentals: This bill would keep local governments from banning or placing excessive regulations on short-term and vacation rentals. This bill is has not come up for a committee hearing before it can be voted on.
  • HB 745/HB 834 - Termination of Lease Due to Family Violence: These bills, separate, but seek to achieve the same goal, would give a person the ability to terminate a lease if they are a victim of family violence. Both bills have been voted out of committee and are headed to the House floor.
Friday, February 23, 2018
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