Fulton County Corrects Property Tax Debacle


As a response to sky-rocketing property tax assessments in Fulton County, the County Commission voted to freeze the 2017 property tax assessments and revert back to the 2016 levels. After weeks of complaints from plenty of Fulton County property owners who received a huge surprise when they opened their 2017 Property tax assessments, Commissioners felt this was the best way to temporarily correct the problem.

According to the new Tax Assessor, the problem arose after years of spotty and lax property tax assessments. Because the assessments were not increasing at the same rate as the market, this caused a huge spike with approximately 25% of the County’s properties having a 50% or higher value increase.

As an additional remedy, property owners have the option of appealing their assessment, but this must be done by July 10. To learn more about the appeals process, click here.

Legislative Update ARA

Friday, June 23, 2017
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