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2017 Top Producers | 2018 Gala

The Atlanta REALTORS Association Board of Directors recently approved changes for qualifications to the Top Producers recognition. The new standards will once again reflect minimum volume and minimum unit threshold for qualification each year. These changes will go into effect for transactions taking place on or after January 1, 2017 and for recognition taking place at the 2018 Gala.

For years, the Committee operated with the goal of recognizing the top 15% of the members of the association. Each year the Committee was responsible for projecting what the membership production would be the following year in hopes this projection would result in recognition of approximately 15% of the total membership. This challenge is what facilitated the change for the 2016 awards to not publish a qualifying number.

After a strong year for the Atlanta industry and a successful awards program, the Board of Directors has listened to member feedback and responded by voting to reinstate the method of predetermining the minimum standards prior to the start of the qualifying year.

The 2017 minimum requirements are:

  • Individual - $4 Million total gross volume​ OR 15 total units.
  • Team​s​ - Average of $4 Million gross volume per team member ​OR an average of 15 total units per team member.

In addition to the qualification changes, the Board of Directors also approved a clarification to the rules regarding the calculation of transactions as it relates to Teams.

Beginning January 1, 2017, the following will be in effect for Team Transactions:

  • Gross Sales Volume credit claimed for each transaction shall be equal to the purchase price listed on the Closing Disclosure, or other closing statement regardless of whether the applicant is representing the seller, buyer, or acting as a transactional broker. At no time shall any Individual or Team applicant claim more than the purchase price for Gross Sales Volume credit without regard to whether a co-op agent or Team Member was involved in the transaction. Each closed sales transaction shall equal one unit credit and follow the same credit structure as the Gross Sales Volume credit mentioned above.

We are confident this return to the announced thresholds will be a positive one for the association members, and look forward to celebrating the finest in the business in 2018!

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